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The Moth Nest

Chance caught on the wing.

Biston Betularia
My 2008 reading list is here; you may explore my library below.

After the death of the love of my life, Westley, in a tragic barroom brawl precipitated by the untimely arrival of a midget on stilts envious of my lover's Olympian stature, I found myself fleeing an angry mob out of town, across several counties, and, eventually, into the deepest bowels of the ancient Green Mountains.

Later, as evening fell on my safe haven in the sleepy town of Not-So-Smallville Vermont, I, Betularia the All-Too-Well-Educated Nurse, kicked back my heels, eased my pearl-handled derringer in its holster, took a sip of my favorite dry, white wine, and began this chronicle.
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