Biston Betularia (pepperedmoth) wrote,
Biston Betularia

Collection of Unintentionally Hilarious Advice in my Women's Health Textbooks

1.) "Bathtubs should be washed after each use." From my Women's Gynecological Health text, on preventing yeast infections. Right. Every time I bathe, I immediately SCRUB WITH CHLOROX BECAUSE WOMEN ARE SO SO FILTHY.

2.) "Pregnancy test should be considered for reproductive age women who present to the ER for any condition." From Benson's guide to success in your clerkship. Broken leg? PREGNANT. Gushing blood? PREGNANT. Funny rash? Why, she must be PREGNANT! Because women do nothing but MAKE BABIES!

Sorry, I'm in a bit of a mood . . .

Two exams down, two to go . . . Office Procedures next . . . what to study first? Incision and drainage of an abscess? Laceration repair? Or the ever popular SUBUNGUAL HEMATOMA REMOVAL? Yikes! The thrills!

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