Biston Betularia (pepperedmoth) wrote,
Biston Betularia

What planet are these people from?

Apparently, Obama's health care plan means that he is just like Hitler.

Before we even go into the immense illogic of this statement, let me point out how grossly, repugnantly offensive this is to actual, real, victims of the actual, real, Holocaust (it HAPPENED, you know- it's not just a cute anecdote people can use to make points), many survivors of which are still alive to this day, and (furthermore) the memory of which is still very much alive in the Jewish community.

If someone had tortured Limbaugh daily for years and then murdered his entire family, I think he'd be pretty pissed to have that pain minimized by someone else (who obviously hadn't a single clue in their idiotic head) comparing it to something totally different. Let's use a different analogy here, for a second. "Oh, you were gang-raped? I know JUST how you feel! I stubbed my toe once!"

Limbaugh also likes to make trivial comparisons between Nazis and Democrats and then pronounce them identical. For example, according to Limbaugh, Nazis were pro-animal rights, anti-smoking, and anti-pollution, and so are Democrats. That means that Democrats are militant fascists who want to conquer Europe and murder Jews. Uh huh. Leaving aside the issues that I'm pretty sure Nazis weren't animal rights activists, and President Obama is a smoker . . . wow.

Nazis spoke German, and so do Austrians. We should all worry that Austrians are going to TAKE OVER AUSTRIA. Horrors. The Nazis wore uniforms and liked parades, and so does the American military. Clearly, that means that General Petraeus is ready to leave the Middle East and INVADE POLAND. Hitler had a moustache, and so did Groucho Marx. This means that in his spare time, Groucho liked to COMMIT GENOCIDE. Right.

Moving on, my rebuttal can be summed into two words: "What? WHAT?!" I will elaborate.

Apparently, much of this delusional, paranoid idea seems to have come from the in itself delusional, paranoid idea that Obama's health care proposal involved setting up "death panels" in which it would be decided whether or not senior citizens had the right to live. Um, have these people ever read a reputable news source? I refer readers to the multi-award-winning, non-partisan

Now, the delusional, paranoid, death panels idea seems to have come from a provision in the bill that would have enforced Medicare reimbursement for senior citizens seeking voluntary end-of-life counseling. Perhaps those not steeped in health care don't know what end-of-life counseling is all about. I will tell you what it is NOT about- it is NOT ABOUT TEACHING PEOPLE HOW TO KILL THEMSELVES. End of life counseling does two things that are often contradictory to the spirit of modern America. 1.) It acknowledges that, yes, everyone does eventually die, and 2.) It teaches how to plan ahead for that eventuality, usually in the form of an advance directive or living will.

As I myself have gone through the process to create an advance directive, I will share. My advance directive says all kinds of things about what should happen to me if I (for example) am in a traumatic car accident and am unable to make my own decisions. It states who should make decisions for me, especially if my fiance/husband is also incapacitated. It says what sort of treatment I do or do not want under various circumstances. For example, if I am deemed clinically brain-dead with minimal chance of recovery, I do not want to be attached to intravenous fluids and nutrition. As another example, if at the end of my life it comes to a choice between pain control and consciousness, I choose consciousness, unless it is the pain of suffocation, in which case I want all the morphine I can get. The entire document goes on for about six pages and is very specific about my preferences in all such situations. It is then filed at hospitals I'd be likely to be brought to after this hypothetical traumatic motorcycle accident.

This sort of information and forethought is vital for everyone to pursue, but it is especially vital for senior citizens, for whom death is not a hypothetical "someday," but a very imminent "now." If you knew you were going to die within six months because of your rampant liver failure, would you want to be treated with antibiotics for your pneumonia? Some people would, and some people wouldn't. Knowing that you have the choice, and then making that choice, is the essence of end-of-life counseling.

Obviously, this is just like Nazis.

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