Biston Betularia (pepperedmoth) wrote,
Biston Betularia

Work is the best antidote to sorrow, my dear Watson.

In the past three days, I have:

Completed a significant amount of knitting on my wedding shawl.
Attended two Quaker committee meetings and a Meeting for Worship.
Cooked up a batch of cheesy biscuits, a platter of roasted-beet and goat-cheese nibbles, Moussaka, a second batch of biscuits . . . etc.
Worked an eight hour shift.
Completed all the grocery shopping and cleaned the kitchen.
Gone on two two-and-a-half mile runs.
Dealt with endless headaches surrounding my pickup truck.
And sundry other errands, like letter-writing and laundry-folding.

Most significantly, however, I walked myself down to Richmond Rescue and filled out an application (some of you may be getting phone calls). It's what Jack would have wanted.

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